A well-executed translation requires strategic planning and close monitoring of the project. Although the nature of a translation may vary depending on the industry and the scope of the project, our principle of producing a quality translation is the same.

  • Meeting with you

We listen attentively to your needs and try to provide flexible solutions not only for translation and localisation, but for any language services you might need, such as website design, text creation, visual design, etc.

  • Preparing translation plans/scheme

The task sequence is planned and the costs of the project are calculated and discussed with you. For continuous projects, the budget and timing of the current stage of the project is agreed upon.

  • Agreeing on work details

The project schedule is planned based on your needs and our capacities. We always try to provide as fast a service as possible without sacrificing quality in the process. Terminology and style guides are also prepared at this stage.

  • Dedicated project managers receive files

The software that we use to carry out the project is determined by you. If you require any specific software, we always try to adapt to your needs if resources permit it.

  • Project managers allocate tasks for appropriately skilled translators

Translators are chosen based on the nature of your text and their expertise in the relevant field. We maintain constant communication with our translators to ensure consistency in the translations of your texts.

  • Translated files are delivered to appropriately skilled editors

Only native language editors are employed to peruse your texts. We are also dedicated to selecting editors, who work in close quarters with specialists of relevant fields to ensure the most accurate translation.

  • Quality assurance team checks the files and prepares final files

We take great care to ensure that the final product you receive is as close to perfection as possible, therefore a rigorous QA process is implemented during the project.

  • Final files are delivered to you

This is not the end, however. We listen attentively to any remarks you might have regarding our service and, if need arises, make all necessary corrections. We use your feedback to constantly improve our service to make it more pleasant and reliable.

All these measures are taken to ensure as flawless a service as possible, and if any issues arise to our clients, we make sure to always provide the desired results. All services are specially tailored based on your needs and requirements and serve solely to produce exactly the service you desire.

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