Quality Assurance

The main goal of TOFT International is to ensure maximum translation accuracy and consistency. Quality is our first priority. Every project undergoes a thorough review at each step so we can assure our clients that a translated text is clear and understandable, a localized product works in the target country environment as its content is culturally appropriate and relevant, and a process is carried out correctly at once by utilizing our core engineering skills, linguistic skills and local content knowledge.

In order to assure a very high quality, TOFT International has a Quality Management System and follows a standardized LQA process. During this process we check multiple translation elements:

  • Missing/redundant translation
  • Spelling (detectable and undetectable)
  • Linguistic inaccuracy
  • Instructions ignored
  • Tags
  • Acronyms
  • Terminology
  • Numbers
  • Misinterpretation

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