Technical Translations

TOFT International provides technical translations of various fields: Software and Hardware UI, User Guides, Operating Manuals, Engineering specifications, websites and etc. The technical documentation that accompanies product into export markets must convey important and often complex technical and procedural information accurately and concisely translated in multiple languages. TOFT International extensive management and translation resources ensure that we can deliver projects quickly, and in the necessary format. Our language teams can work closely with your engineers and product managers to make sure that all your technical documentation supports your user experience.

TOFT International translators are carefully selected based on their experience and mastery of their native language ensuring a high level of linguistic accuracy and solid technical understanding. Our experienced team of translators, editors and proofreaders come from various professional areas; each of them is an expert in his field, with a solid background in one or more foreign languages and broad scope of knowledge.

Every one of our projects goes through our three-tiered process of translation, editing, and proofreading; therefore we can guarantee the precise, fluent translations that are not cumbersome. To ensure that the correct language is used we will work with you to agree translated glossaries of terms specific to your company or industry and our project team will maintain close contact with our clients to ensure a project delivery day and costs are within your time and cost budget.

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