Technology is important in providing the most efficient, accurate and cost-effective translation. TOFT International uses the latest industry tools and technologies to reducing manual tasks, automating steps and inserting quality checks, manage and complete projects on time and on budget.

Below we display some of the most important technologies that have the greatest impact on our teams and clients:

  • Terminology management: Our terminology management tools ensure that our global team develops maintains and applies the correct terms for clients’ products and organization. These tools have the immediate benefit of providing efficiency and consistency within your current project. It also ensures that consistent language and terminology are used throughout all of projects.
  • Translation memory: Translation Memory technology is a main translator’s tool. It creates an environment for the translator to work, saving every sentence that we translate in real-time to a database we maintain for each client. When a subsequent text is compared with the original, the memory identifies the equivalent translated segments and inserts them into the new target text. In addition, “fuzzy matching” allows segments that are similar, but not identical, to the original to be inserted and then edited. This enhances the productivity of our translators, saving time and money for our clients while ensuring consistency and adherence to previously approved work.
  • CAT tools we use: We use various CAT tools, e.g. Trados, SDLX, Wordfast, Transit, Idiom WorldServer, GTT, and etc. We are always looking for the best options in order to provide the highest quality translations at the lowest cost. In case client would require any other CAT tool to be used with their project, we would acquire it and train ourselves to work with it.

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